Mushroom Egg Drop Soup

Mushroom Egg Drop Soup

Learning how to make egg drop soup from scratch is easy! I added mushrooms for texture in my egg drop soup recipe, and mushroom broth to really amp up the flavor. Making good soup doesn’t have to take all day, either. This hearty broth soup recipe only takes 30 minutes, and is filling enough to be a meal.

Recipe For Chicken Soup Dumplings

Chicken Dumpling Soup

How to cook dumplings with chicken has never been easier with this chicken dumpling soup Instant Pot recipe! This chicken dumpling soup can be made ahead for later since both the dumplings and broth freeze well.

Best Winter Soups

Comfort Meatball Soup

This meatball soup recipe is one of my best winter soups. Putting spinach in soup adds color, flavor, and nutrients. An easy hamburger soup and Italian wedding soup combined – how nice!

Soup For When You Are Sick

Soup For When You Are Sick

Sickness can strike at any time. Be ready by stocking up on these healthy ingredients for sickness. This get well soup recipe takes 20 minutes to make and is very easy – good news for the hungry cold sufferer.

Savory Cold Strawberry Soup

Savory Chilled Strawberry Soup

The most amazing summer soup recipe idea! Try this chilled strawberry soup to serve as an appetizer with your next home-cooked, gourmet meal. It is definitely strawberry, yet delicately savory and complex… your dinner guests will never know it only takes 15 minutes to make. Get the recipe!